FedEx Is Fired

My iBook power cord died for good Friday evening. Heidi ordered me a new cord Friday night and paid the extra $11 for 2 Day Air shipping. This would have had the adapter arriving today, Wednesday (2 business days after shipping Monday). It turns out, Apple saw that ground delivery from Memphis to Pensacola was an estimated 2 day delivery time so shipped it Ground and pocketed the extra profit.

I received my tracking number on Monday, 215400060777605, and it showed Ground service but a Wednesday estimated delivery. This would have been fine but due to FedEx policy, in the end, it wasn’t. See, FedEx only delivers Ground packages until 6PM. On top of that, non-Ground packages have priority for delivery even before 6PM, when 6PM comes, any Ground packages still on the truck just get left there and might get delivered the next day, if there is time. I called FedEx to complain, this is when I was told the policy with respect to Ground packages. I complained that the package was supposed to be delivered today and it was an important package. Their reply was that if this package was so important, I should have paid for something better then Ground delivery. This angered me greatly. On top of all this, the service center closes at 6PM, so if your Ground package doesn’t get delivered, you can’t even go and pick it up in person.

I called Apple and complained. The person I spoke with said he showed my order was supposed to be shipped Second Day Air but went out ground and all he could do is refund my money for shipping and send a message to the logistics department telling them what happened. I really wouldn’t have been too upset about Apple pocketing the shipping money if the package had arrived when I paid for it to get here.

So, now I have to sit around another day waiting for FedEx to possibly show up with my package. This wouldn’t be so bad as normally I am home all day except we had planned on getting Florida driver’s licenses tommorow in preparation for re-registering our two cars in Florida. That’s an issue all to itself. We won’t be living in Florida a whole lot longer but the registration on both our cars is expiring so must be renewed now :(.


Caker is sculpted from pure cake.

Ha Ha mIRC

A short time later:

16:51 <chromwell> mikegrb, when my client is not welcome here, then i am not welcome here...
have fun idling here and w8 for the next idiot that uses mirc with latin1
garbage you can kick out then... n8
16:51 --- Chromwell [] has quit (Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22)

I win.

That Is Soo Emad

22:11:44          emad |  To use MSN Video, you need to install some free software. 
22:11:45 @     mikegrb |  :<
22:11:49          emad |  GREAT
22:11:57          emad |  now i have to start up linux just to see the video

Hosting Slogan

Mike: give me a good hosting company tag line
Bleys: “We won’t go down on you… unless you pay us extra.”
Mike: thanks for your help :P
Bleys: no problem ;)

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So we have 2 cats and every other day or so give them a tin of wet cat food. We give them one can to share and in the past we’ve gone to the trouble of splitting the can onto two saucers. They both attack it at first but then lose interest and finish it off over the next few hours. Due to this, recently we just leave it in the tin. One of our cats is a bit over weight and she generally wins in the beginning when they both go after it.

I just gave them a tin and went to give the non-pigish cat a few treats to tide her over. As I bent down to put them off to the side of the can, she reached her paw out, grabbed the can and pulled it towards her and away from the other cat. It was certainly el-hilarity and I just had to share.