High as a Kite

Headed home, have a three hour drive to Portland, followed by a 3.5 hour flight to Minneapolis and then a 3 hour flight home to Pensacola. The last flight will be the worse of it, it’s a nice tiny 2x2 jet intended to be used for short hops from feeder airports to hubs. The plane would be fine on an hour long flight but 3 hours in this cramped plane is extreme suckage.

Though I hate long drives, the drive to Portland shouldn’t be too bad. The interstate follows a large river and is in a valley with moutains on either side. Check out here for some shots taken on the way out.

Other then the extreme sprawl, Minneapolis looked quite nice from the air on the way out here. If the battery in my D70 holds out, I’ll try to get some shots on the way down. Trees abound, a very green and attractive city from the sky indeed.

Incredible Boredom

Imagine, if you can, a town with a population below 300 and having to be there with no access to the Internets for 15 hours. This is what I had to sufer through today do to some bright guy and his fiber slicing backhoe. Also, the toe that got stung by a wasp yesterday itches like a bish today. The itching is worse then the sting.

Mr. Vandivort

I am not a very patient person. You had better finish this project tonight, ‘or else’. Especially since you owe me big time for the Adsense thing.

Mmm Juice

Hey, anybody up for a wirelessly-controlled programmable bartender, er, juice-maker? Yeah, we’ll take it! This thing takes recipes via keyboard or wireless remote and dispenses the right mixture into the cup below. And believe it or not, kids be getting academic credit for this piece – surely a proud moment for Cornell Engineering.


From Gizmodo:

Many pints of blood have been lost by frustrated consumers as they try to claw through the mocking, thick plastic encasing their newest gadget/gardening/ bludgeoning tool. The OpenX is a great solution to an infuriating problem when normally even the sharpest of scissors force you to expel far too much effort to get to something you just purchased. Plus, with ad copy like “Just push and slide to get inside,” can you honestly afford not to purchase one? For just about $10, it’s not a bad deal at all.

I’ll take three. Buy it from their Catalog Page

Browsing in OSX

A new Camino just came out most of the changes are under the hood. Lately I’ve missed the ability to run Firefox extentions in Camino. The Firefox Scrapbook plugin edd talked about has caused me to install Firefox again on my iBook. I also look forward to being able to use SessionSaver again as well.

    <li> Fixed a critical issue with Mac OS X 10.4 and opening a new tab when viewing a page with a plug-in.</li>
   <li> Long tooltips in web pages now wrap to multiple lines in order to be more readable.</li>
   <li> Fixed several critical security issues. All users are recommended
    to upgrade.</li>
    <li>Fixed a top-crash when dragging the scroll bar while
      loading pages</li>

    <li>Fixed an issue where some localized versions could not
        set the monospace font</li>


I put my shoe on and their was a wasp in it, pain followed.

Science Toys

This site is great. I spent half an hour just trying to find a photo to use for the post and in the end decided none were great enough. Lots of neat projects to make, all very easy but very neat.

Science Toys