Miss Jumbo

Tarnrarin Chansawang, 18, (L) is crowned by former Miss Jumbo Queen 2004 after winning the Miss Jumbo Queen Contest 2005 in Nakhon Pratho. The Jumbo Queen Contest 2005 selects a contestant who best exhibits characteristics of an elephant to promote the elephant conservation cause in Thailand.(AFP/Pornchai Kittiwongsakul)

Ubuntu Wins Again

Just one more reason Ubuntu > *.

We should move #ubuntu, #ubuntu-devel, #bazaar, #launchpad and other public channels to OFTC, which is far less erratic than Freenode. Their infrastructure (both human and not) is rather reliable.

GetOffFreenodeSpec – Ubuntu UDU Wiki

Paper Camera

This is just nifty. Gizmodo says it best.

This DIY Dirkon Paper Camera is pretty cool. You see, in Eastern Europe under Communism they had to eat dogs and make their cameras out of paper. Therefore they got really good at folding Nikon-alike pinhole SLRs hence the Dirkon. Actually, I’m kidding about the dogs. Poland and the modern-day Czech Republic were more into rats and snakes.

Dirkon Paper Camera

Camino Update

Yesterday I went by the Camino website looking for something and found that version 0.8.3 was availible. I lost some faith in Luca, I was sure that something as important as a Camino update would cause Luca to come running to me on IRC to make sure I knew, or maybe he doesn’t know? In that case, Luca: Camino 0.8.3 is availble! It so rocks my socks. Changelog follows.

    <li> Location bar shows secure status of page so it's more obvious.</li>
      support for HTML &lt;OPTGROUP&gt; tag in select widget drop-down


    <li>Passwords are now filled in framesets. </li>
    <li>Use the Mac OS X Language
      setting as the primary language for requesting web pages (accept-language
    HTTP header).</li>

    <li>Fixed issue on Google Maps where the scroll direction
    was reversed when dragging the mouse</li>
    <li>Fixed issue where no window would
    open if home page preference was blank</li>
    <li>Fixed crash when quitting while
    <li>Fixed crash when displaying Download preference tab if no
    download location was present in Internet settings</li>
    <li>Fixed issue where
      sometimes the url of a frame would replace the url in the location
    <li>Upgraded to the Mozilla 1.7.6 Gecko engine </li>