USA vs USSR and Bush Forcing the Rapture

Two very interesting pages courtesy of Land-O-Links. The first a comparison of present day USA to the USSR. The second a description of the work by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which includes Bush, Cheney, and Rice, to force the rapture upon us by orchestrating world events to set up the conditions fundamentalist christians believe will lead to the rapture.

Comparison: USA v. USSR: Is life today in the USA like life yesterday in the USSR?
Trying to Force the Rapture

Katrina Refugees to Be Placed in Detention Camps

Near Davis, OK is a place called Falls Creek. Various Southern Baptist churches from across the state have cabins complete with kitchens and large dorms for male and female quarters. The owners of Falls Creek contacted the churchs which own the cabins and asked if they would allow them to be used for Katrina refugees.

Follow the link for a personal account of a member of one of these churches as they attempted to deliver food and clothing to the cabin owned by their church.

Notable are the statements by FEMA Volunteers/Employees that peopled within the detention camp will not be allowed to use the kitchens, will be given two meals a day, will not be able to leave the camp for any reason, and will be there for five months. In addition, the churches will not be alowed to enter the camp to provide church services for those who wish to attend. I’d certainly chose death in my flooded house over being placed at such a detention center.

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp with pictures.

FedEx Still Sucks

Just received a package from the ACLU via FedEx. They shipped it via “Priority Overnight” on Friday the 2nd, today is Tuesday the 6th. I’m not familiar with the definition of priority or overnight that FedEx is referring to. Does FedEx sell a dictionary on their website?

IRC Gives One Purpose

<luca> Bingo player Glenna Bush, who smokes, isn't sure she'll continue to play her favourite game.
<luca> 'I think it's terrible,' she said. 'I'm going on 80. This is the only pleasure I get now.'
<luca> that does not sound like a meaningful life
<luca> get on irc, bish

Shameful IRC Clients

I’m frequently interested in finding out out what IRC client people use when I notice that they disable CTCP version replies. Frequently I find that it is something such as mIRC. At least in this case it is right for them to be ashamed of their IRC client, though if one is so ashamed of people knowing what IRC client they use shouldn’t they just chose a different IRC client?

On the flip side, it’s humerous to see the five line version replies from skript kliddies using mIRC whom are quite proud of not only their client but all of the attack, counter-attack, and counter-counter attack scripts.

Suggestions for an E-Commerce Package

My wife has been working on putting a website together for the selling the jewelry she makes. I have installed a copy of OS Commerce for her but it requires register globals be turned on in php as well as requring all product images to be the same size with one image per item. I’m curious if others could suggest suitable alternative open source applications for operating an ecommerce website. Feature requirements are minimal the primary requirement being non suckage. Order notification via email would be nice and multiple images per item would be nice, requiring the use of register globals and requiring all product photos be the same size are no-nos.

I eagerly await the suggestions you have for me with baited breath, please hurry kind reader, or I may expire.

Mmm Pizza

21:10:11        fo0bar |  I want a pizza with pizza-bagels as toppings

Brian Sure Told Brandon!

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