Yesterday I went by the Camino website looking for something and found that version 0.8.3 was availible. I lost some faith in Luca, I was sure that something as important as a Camino update would cause Luca to come running to me on IRC to make sure I knew, or maybe he doesn’t know? In that case, Luca: Camino 0.8.3 is availble! It so rocks my socks. Changelog follows.

    <li> Location bar shows secure status of page so it's more obvious.</li>
      support for HTML &lt;OPTGROUP&gt; tag in select widget drop-down


  • Passwords are now filled in framesets.
  • Use the Mac OS X Language setting as the primary language for requesting web pages (accept-language HTTP header).
  •     <li>Fixed issue on Google Maps where the scroll direction
        was reversed when dragging the mouse</li>
        <li>Fixed issue where no window would
        open if home page preference was blank</li>
        <li>Fixed crash when quitting while
        <li>Fixed crash when displaying Download preference tab if no
        download location was present in Internet settings</li>
        <li>Fixed issue where
          sometimes the url of a frame would replace the url in the location
        <li>Upgraded to the Mozilla 1.7.6 Gecko engine </li>