Near Davis, OK is a place called Falls Creek. Various Southern Baptist churches from across the state have cabins complete with kitchens and large dorms for male and female quarters. The owners of Falls Creek contacted the churchs which own the cabins and asked if they would allow them to be used for Katrina refugees.

Follow the link for a personal account of a member of one of these churches as they attempted to deliver food and clothing to the cabin owned by their church.

Notable are the statements by FEMA Volunteers/Employees that peopled within the detention camp will not be allowed to use the kitchens, will be given two meals a day, will not be able to leave the camp for any reason, and will be there for five months. In addition, the churches will not be alowed to enter the camp to provide church services for those who wish to attend. I’d certainly chose death in my flooded house over being placed at such a detention center.

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp with pictures.