Saw this on last night’s news. Appearantly a drunk driver hit a curb, went airborne, cart wheeled when it hit the ground in the yard and landed standing straight up and down through the roof of a house killing a 22 year old watching TV in bed.

From WEAR-TV’s website:

A family is mourning the loss of a young man after a car landed on the roof of a home in Milton. Police say, 51 year-old Beverly Grimditch of Navarre was driving erratically near Berryhill Road around ten o’clock Thursday night. When officers tried to pull her over..she sped off heading south on Alabama Street. Police say, Grimditch hit a curb and the car became airborne and landed on the roof of a home on Margaret Street. A man inside the house, 22 year-old William Christoper Villar, was killed. Grimditch was taken to West Florida Hospital. She’s in serious condition. Charges are pending and Milton police say alcohol may have been involved.
More details at the Pensacola News Journal’s Website.