tivo.jpgI read this post on Gizmodo yesterday about free TiVos for fathers that attend the Nashville Sounds baseball game today and was a little sad I had to miss out. After popping back to the Gizmodo post and following the link to their reference at oursportscentral.com, I see that TiVo is supposed to be putting details online by today.

Well, the details are up at http://tivo.com/baseball. As expected, it is just vouchers for a “free” TiVo. Pay $155 for one year of service up front (comes to the normal $12.95/month) and get an 80-hour series 2 free. Add an extra $30 to get the dual tuner. This is similiar to offers that has been available on the website in the recent past though a bit nicer to your wallet. The catch is, once the year is up, you don’t go to the normal $12.95 monthly, you go to whatever the then current annual package rate is, currently $19.95 a month, for a year. You might as well just do the one year plan at $19.95 a month with no up front fee (or $30 up front to upgrade to the new dual-tuner box, which is what my wife and I did recently). So this “special” is just a way to get more money out of people then an average customer, while at the same time letting them thing they are getting a bargain. Pretty shady stuff, expecially coming from TiVo.

By the way, if you like getting ripped off, it looks like you can signup for this special deal at the above URL without having attended the basball game to get a voucher.

Just to clearify a bit from the title. The first year, you do get the normal monthly rate, you just have to pay it all up front. The second year, you get the same deal anybody could get on the website. You don’t end up paying more, just losing the opportunity cost of having that first year’s money. You can give yourself the same deal. Just do the $19.95/month for the first year, the second year, when you revert to $12.95 a month, just put that $155.40 in a savings account and take out the $12.95 a month. Sure you won’t be loaded from the interest, but better you then them, right?