Dynex is the Best Buy brand. We were recently there and I noticed a $20 webcam that said it supported OS X 10.1 and greater on the box so I decided to purchase it. I installed the included drivers and software and started up their software. I just get a black screen with “No video input.” The LED on the webcam does turn on and off appropriately. I took it back and exchanged it thinking the unit was deffective. The new one had the same problem. Unfortunately their included drivers are as ancient as the version of OS X referenced on the box. There are a few commercial and open source driver sets available for web cam support on OS X but unfortunately this camera isn’t supported by any of them. They said they had 24x7x365 support on their website so I figured, what the heck, maybe they have some nice shiny new drivers they forgot to link to on the website.

This is the call:

“So what seems to be the problem?” “Well I have a Mac and the box said the Mac is supported so I installed the drivers and software that came with it and the software that came with it says there is no video from the cam” “Oh, well since you said you have a Mac you will need to contact the manufacturer of the computer to see if…” “There is nothing wrong with the computer.” “Right but maybe there is some sort of driver that you need for the Mac to make it work.” “Exactly, and that driver comes from the manufacturer of the device, that would be Dynex, whom you represent.” Click.

Just to be clear, that click there at the end is them hanging up on me. I guess they couldn’t argue with that.