I was in need of a means to disable upstart scripts in /etc/event.d via some means other than getting rid of the file. Since upstart has no documentation to speak of, I asked my buddy Google.

Google pointed me to the year old bug 94065 in launchpad. I added a quick ‘me too’ and subscribed to updates on the bug. This was back in March. Fast forward to last week and this arrives:

** Changed in: upstart
      Target: 0.5 => None

– Add non-destructive means to disable a job https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/94065 You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber of the bug.

There is no mention of this change in bug meta-data on the launchpad site, or maybe I’m just not finding it since I lack the doctorate in navigating launchpad necessary to be able to use the site. This prompted an update from the original reporter on the bug asking for more information:

is there a disable method yet? i reported this initially over a year ago. (there may be, but since there's no upstart manpage on hardy, it's hard to know. :-)

Now for the asshole fail:

Scott James Remnant wrote on 2008-08-14: (permalink) Does this bug report say that there is a disable method? Is it marked Fix Released? No.

I’m not sure what Scott James Remnant <scott@canonical.com>’s roll at Canonical is but perhaps it should be modified to remove any tasks that involve interaction with the public?