I just released Net::Abuse::Utils v0.10 to CPAN. If you can’t wait, grab it here.

If you haven’t heard of this module before, see this online example of some of the data that can be returned. Online docs are available as well at search.cpan.org.

From the Changes file:

  • New get_domain function that converts host name to domain name
  • Memoize support though commented out by default, enable by uncommenting the following two lines in lib/Net/Abuse/Utils.pm

    # use Memoize;
    # memoize('_return_rr');
      A future version will likely allow Memoization via an export tag.</li>

The get_domain function is fairly spiffy taking a host name like ‘michael.thegrebs.com’ and turning it into the domain name, ‘thegrebs.com’, but with proper recognition of second level zones like .co.uk.

The Memoization support is weak and I almost removed it but decided to leave it in but commented out for this release. It speeds up batch processing of large quantities of requests fairly well. Processing a days worth of spam used to take an average of 5 minutes and is now down to a minute and a half. This is quite a bit more increase than I expected as I am using bind with heavy local caching.

There were a few more changes mostly related to distribution related stuff, see git for the full gory details.

Not a horribly significant release but it’s been a while since the last one and I wanted to get get_domain out there.