ZSH has some pretty nice tab completion but some of the completion modules can make things slow when you have a high latency conection. This can be extra harsh for me as I have failure to complete beeps turned off so I’m not sure if it’s still trying to complete or if there were no matches. When reading some zshrc snippts on Stack Overflow I came accross my favorite new snippit.

This snippet from a paid nerd adds ‘…’ output during completion that is replaced with the completion or removed once the completion engine is finished.

Here’s the snippet:

# http://stackoverflow.com/a/844299
expand-or-complete-with-dots() {
  echo -n "\e[31m...\e[0m"
  zle expand-or-complete
  zle redisplay
zle -N expand-or-complete-with-dots
bindkey "^I" expand-or-complete-with-dots

Also, get yourself in the habbit of including a comment with a url for stuff like this. I once wanted to write a blog post about something I found somewhere and couldn’t remember where I found it online! I’ll never make that mistake again.